Asif was a poor child when their parents decided to put him under the foundation supervision in the Residential Bridge Course Programme (RBC) run by the foundation. Asif is the oldest of three siblings.  His parents had to move to Yelahanka (outskirts) where his father’s new employment location was as a carpenter. His mother, a daily wage labourer had no means to put Asif in any school in the vicinity and had requested the Foundation to look after him. He was admitted into the Government Kannada Higher Primary School supported by the Foundation.

That starte ...


Ms .Sharadamma, our senior cook is with the foundation since 1994 for the past 20 years. She narrates better in her own words: “I entered the school only to realise that, there were no facilities for cooking, the school was in shambles and I had to bring firewood carrying it on my head to the school and cook simple meals for the students”.

 Ms. Mallamma, an experienced and senior staff member has been working with the foundation for the past 18 years says, “The school did not have proper facilities, no kitchen; the Foundation gradually got stoves, vess ...

Taj - Book distribution

Mrs. Jabin Taj a young freshly appointed Government Teacher was shocked in 1992 to find only two sheds converted into class rooms to teach children in the vicinity.

She approached Mrs. Kausalya Thirupuvanam a philanthropist by nature, who herself had a vision to educate the nearby slum children and bring about a positive changes for their future.

Mrs. Jabin Taj narrates: “There is no comparison between what was considered a school in 1992 and the school as it exists currently. Now, It ha ...