The Thirupuvanam Foundation has several special projects that it supports:

Medical support

  • We finance the medication for two children from underprivileged backgrounds with cystic fibrosis. Medical treatment costs are unaffordable for their parents.
  • In 2013 hepatitis vaccines were given for over 300 children from the GTHPS school as also for 80 ex-students now in secondary school. This has been our effort to ensure that the children’s health is fortified.
  • The foundation provides free health insurance for all its staff.
  • The foundation spends about 3% of its funds for medical support.

Micro finance

  • Micro finance is a field in which some preliminary work is being done. We have a loan scheme for our employees only.
  • Foundation employees in urgent financial need are given interest free loans for durations of up to one year.
  • The scheme has helped uplift the families of the employees, reduce their dependence on money lenders & thereby avoid exorbitant interest rates.
  • At present just about 8% of the funds of the foundation are being used to finance this project.

Infrastructure projects

Water filter -corporate donation

  • The foundation supports diverse one time infrastructure projects to improve the standard of the GTHPS school for the students.
  • The foundation has funded school bags and shoes for all school children.
  • The foundation has set up a water filter to provide clean water to the school children. This was funded by a corporate donor.
    • The foundation has redone the bathrooms and toilets to ensure decent hygienic standards.






New class room 2013