The Scholarship program was introduced six years back. It was initiated to support affordable English medium secondary school education. It was later extended to include college education as well. This scheme is a very effective program that has helped uplift these children, boost their self confidence and improve their future prospects.


Scholarship kids 2


  • The foundation recognizes the importance of a good secondary school education built on the solid work done in the field of primary education.
  • Scholarships encourage children to continue education at the secondary school level.
  • The foundation encourages applications for scholarships from the 8th Standard onwards.
  • We encourage students to pursue college education.
  • We encourage 2 to 4 years vocational training courses too and provide financial support.
  • Scholarships are need based awards, only to children from low income families.
  • Proof of completion of the earlier class is mandatory.
  • As per this scheme, the foundation supports children with a fixed amount per child per year. The amount is paid directly to the school /institution at which the student is registered.


Annaswamy Testimonial


  • The response has been extremely positive.
  • In the first year about 30 children received scholarships. The scope of the program has been gradually extended due to the interest in and positive response to this scheme
  • In 2011-2012 a total of 294 children were awarded scholarships. This went up to 400 awards for 2012-2013 and increased further to 530 awards in 2013-2014.
  • We have given over 3,000 scholarships during the last 5 years.
  • For a small NGO, this has meant a considerable organizational task especially since the scholarship recipients attend different institutions.



Scholarship 2


  • This project is funded wholly by the foundation.
  • About 19% of the foundation’s funds are allocated to this scholarship program.
  • The importance of education for the foundation is clearly documented here.
  • We spend up to 1,300 INR per year per child.