What infrastructure projects have you supported in the past?

The Foundation has financed various projects in the past:

  • A water filter for the school for clean water
  • A new kitchen
  • Helped finance parts of the construction of the school building as it stands today
  • Constructed or redone bathrooms at the school
  • Helped finance and complete the Tamil HM staff room

How many staff members are working with you and why?

Foundation has about 18 staff members. The split up is as follows:

  • School Support has 6 staff – 5 Teachers and 1 cleaning women.
  • MDM has 5 staff members.
  • RBC has 4 members.
  • Trust has 3 staff members.

To whom do you provide the scholarship funds? Is it the student, parent or the institution?

All applicants must fill out forms and give us varied personal information, name of institution at which they are studying etc. The forms must be signed and stamped by the education institution. The scholarships granted are always issued in favor of the educational Institution. Scholarship funds range from Rs.800/- to Rs.1500/- depending upon the standard at which the student is planning to study.

What are the selection criteria?

Selection is need based. Students must provide their photographs, proof of economic backwardness either through Below Poverty Line (BPL) ration card, or a certificate from the Tahsildar stating their economic backwardness as also their previous year’s marks card.

For how many students are you providing scholarships?

Foundation has an annual budget for the Scholarships Program. Annually scholarships are being distributed to 500 to 600 students. In 2013-2014 the Foundation spent Rs.5,30,000/- and around 500 students benefitted from it.

What are the other facilities you have provided under the RBC program?

Students get a warm meal in the night too. Morning they are served a glass of milk with there breakfast. They are given tuition in the evening.

A karate teacher is appointed to impart self-defense techniques to girl students and other life skills are also taught. The children are taught prayers, bathed regularly and taught the principles of hygiene. The warden provides round the clock vigilance to safeguard the resident students. First Aid facilities are also provided for immediate medical needs.

Where are you providing dormitory facilities – is it your own?

No, it is not our own. Foundation uses two classrooms that are being used after school hours as provisional dormitory. One room is used for boys and another for girls with a warden staying with them the whole night.

Depending on financial resources Foundation hopes one day for a building of its own, where it can provide improved dormitory facilities. It can then think of giving better facilities like beds and cupboards to keep clothing and books.

What dormitory facilities are being provided?

We provide simple sleeping facility on the floor with a mat, blanket and a pillow. Besides this there is a rack to keep books & clothes.

What is the background of students in RBC?

The students are from poor background and are not in a position to afford a decent living either on their own or with the parents, let alone afford going to school.

How many have found shelter under the Residential Bridge Course (RBC)?

Around 45 children aged 7 to 15 are currently taken care of under this program and stay in the provisional dormitory. Children up to 7th standard study go to the Government School adopted by the foundation, whereas the high school children attend the Annaswamy English High School. The foundation pays fees for such students.

What are the other facilities you have provided to Mid Day Meals (MDM)?

The Foundation is being inspired by the founding trustee Smt. Kausalya Thirupuvanam, who is now 92 year’s old and she lays a lot of emphasis on Anna Dhanam (donating a meal to the needy). It is her strong and personal conviction that “Anna Dhanam” is an essential act of charity.

Hence, the foundation has constructed a kitchen in the school premises with a fridge to keep perishables for RBC and Midday Meals program and has also supplied a stove, ladles, appropriate vessels. The foundation has 5 staff members to take care of the RBC needs.

The Midday Meal program: How much of your expenses are reimbursed by the Government?

The Government supplies us with rice, wheat, and some grains. Besides this, the Foundation gets approximately Rs.3.5 per day for 1st to 4th standard children and Rs.5.5 per student for 5th to 7th standard students. This does not cover our costs fully.

We spend an additional Rs.3.300 per child and year to ensure high nutritional standards under clean and hygienic conditions.

Who runs the midday meals program for this school?

The Foundation runs a midday meals program and has been providing midday meals since its existence in 1995.

There is a dedicated team of 5 persons who prepare fresh meals every day under observation of nutritional & dietary needs of growing children. Milk is provided twice a week.

How much does the foundation spend for the school support program?

The foundation spends an additional 3,300 INR per child and per year for its extensive school support program. This includes not only additional school staff but also diverse school activities.

What are the other facilities you have provided to the school?

We have also provided a computer teacher, a dance teacher, a cleaning woman to clean the school premises including toilets.

How many teachers have you provided for the school and why?

We have provided a Tamil teacher for the Tamil School for the primary classes, an English teacher for both schools and a Physical Education teacher for both the schools.

How many children are studying in the Government school?

A few years back the school boasted of about 500 students. In the last few years’ even poor parents try to send their children to private schools. This has led to a drop in the school numbers.

Currently there are about 234 students out of which the Kannada school has around 142 students and Tamil school has around 92 students. On an average around 200 students attend school regularly this year.

What is the total area allotted to the School?

Originally two acres were allotted. Now it has shrunk to about half an acre due to encroachment by locals.

How many schools has the foundation adopted?

The Foundation has adopted two schools; one Kannada School and one Tamil School – both on the same premises. We would potentially consider sponsoring more schools if our donation base grows.

Who are the donors and what is the funding pattern?

Most of the donors are family members who have settled abroad and are actively donating towards the Foundation’s work. Besides this we manage to mobilize some money from some local donors too.

Funding is largely need based. Besides the need-based criteria we try to choose and prioritize projects based on the impact it has on education, hygiene, health & future prospects for the beneficiaries.

When did the foundation start its activities?

Yeoman food services are being offered since 1994/1995. The Thirupuvanam Foundation was established in 2002 as an NGO.