Scholarships – Sept 2015

The Thirupuvanam Foundation initiated the Scholarship Program in 2008 to encourage our primary school students to continue and get a secondary school education too. We encouraged the desire and need to “have an education” by providing such students with the means/funding to continue their education. This was accomplished by starting the Scholarship program.

The Scholarship program now not only supports children from our school (Government Thirupuvanam Higher Primary School), but also other schools and colleges by providing financial aid that is paid directly to the school/university. This has been one of our most successful programs and has a very profound impact on “below the poverty line” students far and wide in Bangalore – across all categories of students.

In 2015 our Scholarship program set new records. We had banners and an SMS option as a new communication channel and it helped us to reach out to many more children under the “below the poverty line“ criteria. Through this route we have funded fees for 262 students and granted 3,36 lakhs. Among the 262 students, 191 students are doing their Pre-University, Degree or Vocational training and for whom we dispersed 2,7 lakhs.

This year was also the very first time since the initiation of the Scholarship program in 2008-2009 that we reached out to handicapped children. About 58 children got donations and we spent over 1,46 lakhs for this group of students.

We tied up with 8 schools in Bangalore and were able to give scholarships to all the children at these schools whose application matched our criteria. So well over 294 High School children profited with scholarships of varying amounts. Here we distributed 1,97 lakhs worth of scholarships.

Even a few students who belong to our Alumni received Scholarships. What also deserves attention is the special educational assistance we were able to give one merit student whom we have accompanied since his first days in school.